Book of Death

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  • Updated Jan 20, 2017
  • Created Nov 13, 2011
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About Book of Death

Book of Death allows you to track and browse your PvP kills & deaths The current kill or death is displayed centered at the top of the screen. A detailed book information screen can be dropped down in your game by clicking on the "Book of Death - by Rothiel" text in the middle top of your window in the game. Clicking the text again will roll-up the book. The book contains a Summary, Book, and Config section. The various chapters will be displayed by clicking on the appropriate buttons at the bottom of the book. Each character in your account will get their own book. In the summary section the table is as follows: Name, Calling, # of kills, # of deaths, Score against this person ----------- To initiate the book, a one time configuration is needed after installation by typing: /zdeathbook clear ----------- Commands in game: /zdeathbook show - Make latest death line visible /zdeathbook hide - Make latest death line invisible /zdeathbook clear - Clear the Book of Death


  • Kill vs. Death ratio is now available under Summary


  • Extra summary fields have been added for Most Killed, Most Deaths By, Last Kill, and Last Death
  • Slash commands can now be initiated by /bookofdeath , /bod, /zdeathbook


  • A Timer has been added to the Death Text. - After 30 secs of no death activity, the title will reset back to the default
  • A Close button has been added to the book to easily shut the book


  • Color has been added to the Death Text. - Red means someone has killed you - Green is when you have killed someone
  • A new command line option has been added - /zdeathbook toggle - This will now toggle the visibility text and book. Great for putting in a macro and making a button out of it.


  • Book can be sorted by column value, just click the column header
  • You killing yourself should no longer get added into the book


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