Zwergenstammtisch Basic Pack

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  • Updated on 4/22/2010
  • Created on 12/22/2009
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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


Zwergenstammtisch Basic Addon Pack, mainly for Basic Layout of the Screen. <br>
<p>23.12.2009: This Pack will be Updated tonight. I will include a few more Screenshots and some Addons i forgot.</p>

Cellular - Whisper Addon<br>
Prat 3.0 - Chat Addon<br>
BTex - Botom Bar Texture Addon<br>
Dominos - Action Bars<br>
MikScrollingBattleText - Combat Text<br>
SatrinaBuffFrame - Buff / DeBuff Frames<br>
Shadowed Unit Frames - Unit Frames<br>
Chinchilla Minimap - Minimap Addon<br>
DrDamage - Estimates Damages of Spells and Abilitys<br>
TooManyAddons - Ingame Addonmanager<br>
Ace3 - Framework<br>
ChocolateBar Broker Display - Fubar/Titanpanel but Simple<br>
AnyMeter - Name says it all<br>
Combuctor - Bag Addon<br>
Combuctor Scrap - Scrap Plugin for Combuctor<br>
Scrap - Sell that gray stuff<br>
I am curently working on Class Packs and Raidpack, later i will post an Economics Pack, Mage Pack will be next.</p>


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