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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


Here it is the official Xterminatz Addon Pack. After many attempts and changes to my UI you will find here the latest Mage pack I have put together for simplicity and efficiency for raiding.

You can watch the UI in auction at the following links:


The addon pack contains the following features:

* Shadowed Unit Frames - Player, Target, Focus, Boss, Arena and Raid Frames in one which also includes inbuilt buff / debuff tracker.
* BigWigs - Raid boss notifications and alerts.
* Quartz - Castbar replacement for improved casting.
* Skada - Damage / Healing / Tanking meter for raids.
* Omen - Threat Meter for raiding.
* CombustionHelper - Help time and improve your combustion burst.
* Decursive - Help with raid decursing.
* Fortexorcist - Tracking of DOTs and CDs.
* ExtraCD - Internal CD tracker.

Other useful mods included in this pack:

* Addon Control Panel - Manage your addons ingame.
* Altoholic - Shows everything about your alts.
* Auctionator - Easier buying/selling of auctions.
* Auctioneer - Auction management and profit.
* Advanced Trade Skill Window - Profession management.
* Bagnon - Combines all bags into one.
* BankStack - Automatically stack items in your bags.
* BugSack - Captures all bugs/errors and hides them.
* Collectinator - Best mod to collect pets/mounts.
* Factionizer - Shows all the ways to get rep.
* Fizzle - Item durability and quality in color.
* LilSparky's Workshop - AH profession pricing and more.
* OmniCC - Cooldown text on buttons and abilities.
* TipTac - Tooltip replacement.
* Turn In - Automatically pickup / handin quests.

I am not using weak aura's the fire image which you see around my mage in the screenshot is the default blizzard spell effects for when you get Heating Up and Pyroblast! proc.

Buff tracker, Minimap and Action Bars are blizzard default. Too much messing around with unnecessary mods so I did not bother and stayed with default.

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