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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


When I made this UI I aimed for something roomy since I'm tired of UI's with windows and artwork all over the place, they may look nice but I think that they're just clumpsy to raid with. Therefore, no artwork, and actiobuttons/buffs etc. stuffed away in corners. Pic 1: out of combat, Pic 2 in combat. Sorry for no in-raid pic. AddOns: Bartender4: Core addon for all UI's due to providing the ability to customize and move your actionbars. Doom_CooldownPulse: Nice AddOn to help you know when a spell comes of cooldown. Atlasloot Enhanced: Well, this isn't part of the interface, but it's something I use so I added it to the list. Awesome mostly for lower level characters, helps alot in knowing what instance to grind. OmniCC: Nice AddOn that shows the time left before a spell comes of cooldown on the actionbar, so you don't have to mouse over the spell so check time left. X-tra's for OmniCC: OmniCC_Pulse VS. OmniCC_Shine. I prefer Pulse since I like the feeling of it pulsing. But that's just my opinion, I suggest that you try both out. Titan Panel: Awesome AddOn for helping you to get a fast look on you economy, location, bag space etc. Displayed as a grey bar at the top of the screen as default. X-tra's for Titan Panel: There are Titan Panel addons to download that provides extra plugins, I'm not using any of those though. Recount: Good AddOn for showing Damage, Healing, Damage taken etc. In my opinion, the best one for the job. X-Perl UnitFrames: Well, it's not an UI without an UnitFrame AddOn. Pitbull VS. X-Perl. I find Pitbull hard to customize and I can't really get it the way I want. X-Perl provides me with the settings I want, and when I noticed that, I gave up trying to customize Pitbull. Just my opinion though. Mobile Energy: Small energy/mana/rage/runic power bar that you can move and change the size of. Lightweight AddOn without much settings. UIM:ComboPoints: Nice AddOn for keeping a good wiew on your combopoints. A little annoying that you have to use chat commands to configure it, but I like it. MikScrollingBattleText: Nice AddOn to get rid of all the yellow numbers on you screen, especially when AoE:ing. Also good for separating the scrollfields for incoming, outgoing etc. Postal: This isn't part of the interface either. Nice addon that let's you pick up your AH purchases/money fast and easy. Blink's RogueHelper -continued: Displays a number in the middle of the screen when you get combopoints. SliceAdmiral: SliceAdmiral VS. RoguePowerBars. I like SliceAdmiral more due to the sound warnings. And the only reason I see to use RBP instead is that you're able to put the your debuffs on the target in another place than the buffs. Grid: Raidoverwiev AddOn just to get an raidoverwiev on who's down etc. More of an healer AddOn really but I like it. Buffalo3: Nice AddOn that allows you to change the size and location etc. Of you're buffs, defbuffs, weapon buffs etc. TriviaBot: Small minigame quizAddOn. Kinda fun if you're bored. Bagnon: Nice and efficient AddOn that merges all of you're bags into one. Also let's you wiew the Items of another character on your account's items. IceHUD: Good Addon for showing health and energy etc. in the middle of the screen, Doesen't take that much space and let's you wiew target/player values without taking your eyes of the combat. ButtonFacade: Nice AddOn that allows you to change the style of your actiobuttons. Also, you can download extra AddOns that provides more skins. I've downloaded all of them but im using Serenity: Redux, and Serenity: Redux Square for my buttons. Okay, that's all of the AddOns I used in this UI and a small description of them all if you weren't familiar with them before.


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