Swidtter's Raid Frames

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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


This is how my UI looks like when i raid :) it is very handy for me as a tank, i use SUF to just move around my own player frame and the boss etc (also to show stacks of debuffs in which case a taunt is following). Suf also gives a nice view of the entire raid if i need to CR someone or innervate them i can easily find them. I use TankMastery as a nice utility for announce taunts and such and tankwarnings for when i use specific cooldowns (if a taunt miss) etc. DBM, oRA2, Recount, Omen is all standard raid addons if you ask me :) of some ppl use different boss mods and different dmg meters but i like these the best. the health frames i use is Tidy Plates; Threat Plates, and i use it simply because of the aggro scale, i like to be able to click on a target that i am not having aggro on very fast so this add-on is great for that. Chatter and bartender is also seen and i use these to move around my action bars and to modify the chat a bit more than what Blizzard offers themselves.

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