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  • Updated on 12/29/2009
  • Created on 12/29/2009
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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


This pack contains the very basic addons which don't alter the game the a huge degree but are very useful for people making new chars, I always use these addons, It doesnt include Questhelper or carbonite nothing like that, since 3.3 and with the ingame map showing you where to go I find these things kinda useless, BUT you can always add Questhelper if you really want it... But basically my pack contains the basics, a auction addon, a bag adddon, an alternative quest tracker, a chat addon, a spam blocker, a dungeon atlas, custom unitframes, custom button frames, fancy bottom bar and basic fubar extensions!

Addons in this Pack


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