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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


A pack of necessary addons for the roleplay guild Red Reach on Wyrmrest Accord!

MessageBoard is the only necessary addons, as we are active on the in-game forum it provides, and post useful information regularly. There is also our website, but this makes it incredibly more convenient.

MyRolePlay was added as a sort of gateway addon for if you don't have any of the trifecta of roleplay profile addons XRP, MRP (MyRolePlay), or TRP (TotalRoleplay 3). Links to all three will be provided, simply delete MRP and download whichever you prefer.

MogIt is more of a quality of life addon that most everyone in our guild uses. It presents a wardrobe for your character to try on any of the currently obtainable and applicable transmog pieces, though it can be used to make raw outfits without the use of transmogrification.

UnlimitedChatMessage removes the 255 word limit when typing in chat, splitting the overflow among more textposts without having to type it all out in several chat boxes. As roleplayers, who may choose to go into detail with their posts, this makes it a great tool to speed things along in events and interactions.

Tongues is a language addon that allows your character to speak any variety of language, from Orcish to Common. It is not compatible with members of the other faction for mechanical reasons, but is a great tool if your character knows different languages.

Prat 3.0 is just an awesome chat addon get it please it makes things so much easier.

Elephant is a chat log addon, allowing you to save and preview chat messages that Prat is not able to catch with the simple scrollback feature.

TRP, the most heavyweight RP addon:
XRP: A good middle ground RP addon:


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