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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


Rated M Interface Setup:



#1 Locate your current Interface and WTF folders in your World of Warcraft directory and cut and paste them to your desktop. This will preserve your current UI in case there are any issues with setting up the Rated M Interface.

#2 Download the Rated M Interface .zip file.

#3 Unzip the Rated M Interface file.

#4 Copy the unzipped "Interface" and "WTF” folder and place them into your World of Warcraft directory. ( Do not copy the entire folder. Only the Interface and WTF folders need to be copied into your World of Warcraft directory. )

#5 Inside the new WTF folder you will find another folder that says "account". Within the account folder there is a folder named "YOUR ACCOUNT NAME HERE". You need to change the name of that folder to reflect the correct name of your account. ( Not your battle.net email associated with your account. It must be your account name or this will not work. )

#6 Go into the folder that you just changed to your account name. You will see another folder that says "YOUR SERVER NAME". Please change that to the name of the server you play on. (Again this must be named correctly or this will not work. )

#7 Within your server folder you will see a folder named "YOUR CHARACTER NAME HERE". Change that to the name of the main character you're going to do your initial setup with. (Again this must be named correctly or... are you getting the theme here? )

#8 Sign into World of Warcraft. If you've completed the above steps correctly when you see the login screen it should display "Rated M".

#9 When you log into the character you chose to do your setup with you should see panels across the bottom. If the panels are not displayed across the bottom there has been a mistake. Things aren't going to look quite Like they did in the picture of the interface. There are a couple more steps. So don't panic! ( If you do not see the panels at the bottom of the screen a step has either been missed or done incorrectly. Start over at Step #1. )


#10 Type /bartender and on the bottom left of Bartender4's config menu you will see a selection for profiles. Please click on profiles and now you'll see some drop downs. Use the selection for existing profiles to select “Rated M”.


#11 If you don't see recount in the bottom right corner type "/recount show". The recount window may need to be moved down and re-sized to fit inside the bottom right panel. This can be done by selecting the red bar and dragging and then using the gray tipped corners to re-size the box. ( If recount displays in the bottom right hand corner and is correctly colored you can skip to step #15. )

#12 Click on the gear icon on the top bar of Recount.

#13 Select the tab "Window". In the center column of the "Window" tab there is a selection for "Lock Windows". Go ahead and check that box.

#13 Select the tab "Color". In the left column you'll see the world "Title" click on that and you'll see a color wheel and a slider. Pull the slider down to the bottom. Then click ok and select "Background" and do the same. Pull the slider down and click ok.

#14 Close recount's config menu using the x in the top right corner.


#15 Type "/omen config".

#16 Select profiles on the left side.

#17 Under existing profiles choose "Rated M".


#18 Type "/Vuhdo options".

#19 Select the tools tab at the bottom of the Vuhdo Options panel.

#20 In the top left you'll see a drop down for profiles. Select "Rated M" and then hit Apply. You may need to click yes when it asks if you want to overwrite the existing profile. ( Later as you do this with each character it will prompt you to overwrite or copy the profile. I recommend selecting copy. Each character will have their own Vuhdo profile as they will all have different spells and abilities. It will look the same for all characters as long as the Rated M profile is used. )

#21 Select the Vuhdo Options tab "Spells". This is where you change your spells and actions that happen when you click on your Vuhdo Party/Raid frame. You can do things like Target, Assist, and Focus (They will be there by default), or you can put in spells. There are many keyclick combinations and if get confused or want to go crazy with the options you can find some great videos on Youtube.


#22 Please check all your graphic, sound, and personal settings. They may be different then the ones contained in this UI. I am unable to run DX11 as my TV won't accept it, so to obtain 1920x1080 I must run DX9. Settings like this can be changed in the World of Warcraft settings.

Addon's Used:

Addon Control Panel: This addon allows you to turn most addons on and off in game with a simple reload.

Aura Frames: A very useful buff monitoring addon. It allows you to move, re-size, and can also have a spell and ability cooldown monitoring panel.

Auto Repair: Every time you visit a vendor who can repair it takes care of it for you.

Bagnon: Turns all your individual bags into one giant bag. It's a cleaner interface and makes it a little easier to use the one bag button in bartender4.

Bartender4: Simply the best action bar addon out there in my opinion. It allows complete customization of your action bars as well as many other elements of the UI.

Basic Chat Mods: A simple chat addon that allows increased function.

Basic Mini Map: Allows you to configure the mini map in different ways.

Bitten's Spell Flash: A series of addons that works together with the Spell Flash addon to assist you in locating the correct priority/rotation for your class as well as reminding you to buff and use cooldowns.

Deadly Boss Mods: It helps you stay alive in boss fights. Gives instructions based upon the encounter to assist in survivability.

KgPanels: This is an addon used to create frames. In our UI it is used to create the gray frames at the bottom of the screen that the other elements are placed inside of.

Macro Toolkit: This is an amazing addon. It not only helps you figure out if your macro is going to work, but helps you design the macro using statements that can be inserted using the addon. Also it gives the capability of extending macros beyond the 255 character limit.

Omen: Simply put this helps keep you alive. It displays your threat on your current target.

Postal: Handles your mail in a much more efficient manner.

PutGuildBack: This brings your social windows back to the party. With this addon loaded you can click your guild selection on your micro bar and it will give you more options. It brings back some things lost in an update quite some time ago.

Quartz: Casting bars that also show ticks for channeled spells and latency to help you move after casting.

Recount: Damage meters. It's nice to know how you're stacking up against the other damage classes.

SellJunk: This sells the gray items out of your bag when you visit a vendor.

Shadowed Unit Frames: Unit frames to replace many of the default frames. The Rated M Interface uses this addon to replace the player, target, target of target, focus, and pet frames.

SpellFlash: This is the core addon that assists Bitten's Spell Flash in displaying the proper priority/rotation for your spells and abilities.

TidyPlates: Replaces the default nameplates. You can customize the colors and it includes color changes based on your threat on the target. Very nice to have for AoE dps or if you're tanking.

TipTac: Enhanced tooltips that can be moved around the screen.

Vuhdo: Party frames, raid frames, click heals, decursing.. it does it all.

The addons used to create this compilation are some of the best addons available. Creating these addons takes hard work and quite a bit of time, so I would like to thank the creators of all these wonderful addons. Without your hard work compilations like this would not be possible.

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