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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


-- Poulpos default addon Pack --

I've made this pack to share my addons with mates asking about my UI. There's nothing really special, it's just that as an addon fan, I gathered all the one i needed for :
- Raid / Dugeons as a Healer, DPS, Tank, and potential RL.
- Auctionning (yes, trades are a full part of wow).
- Managing my alts and professions / stocks with efficiency.
- Managing my battle pets.
- Managing my macro needs (per character, and when needed switching marcos per talents specialization, MacroBank is a great tool for that part).
- Generally improving wow's default UI options and behaviors.

This pack is made for a 1920x1080 resolution. The WTF files comming with it are messy as there are some data from my account in it that would not properly work as intended. Don't bother getting those WTF files.

None of the addons included in this pack were made by me, I just gathered what I needed, put them together and made some adjustment and configuration. Therefore, all credits for those usefull addons goes to their respective authors and maintainers, which I can't thank enough for the time they've spent on it.

Please read the troubleshooting section above before going further, you don't want to mess up your own game configuration when you can avoid it !



I can't certify everything will work fine from scratch, but I have very few wow errors with this addons. I can't say never, but hey, it occurs rarely (and they're catched by Swatter included in auctioneer).

I will NOT go through troubleshooting or any help to people having problems with a peculiar addon, their own authors are already doing that, and the pages of these addons are better documented than this one.

However : I'm interested in comments about global ergonomy and efficiency, if I can improv thi, I'll try to.



- I can't stress this enough : BACKUP YOUR WHOLE "Interface" FOLDER BEFORE REPLACING IT BY MINE ! (You might also want to do this with your "WTF" Folder that stores your configuration of your current interface) If you did this simple step and then have problems with my pack, or just don't like it and want to get rid of it, then you'll be able to switch back to your previous configuration by restoring your backuped/renamed WTF and Interface folders.

- This pack was made and updated during MoP at patch 5.4.0. A Curse installation will provide you the updated versions of all included addons in the future.

- I've tested the WTF files on a different account,  and it appears to be messy because of existing data related to my own character / account within the *.lua files of a lot of addons. As there is no way to remove an extisting pack of WTF files on Curse once a pack is uploaded, don't bother getting it its useless.

- As I always warn : I am NOT responsible for messing up your UI or game settings. You are. Again : Backup your folders "WTF" and "Interface" so you can roll back to your previous UI and settings if needed.



UPDATE : added 3 more addons.
UPDATE 2 : BattlePet addons added, 4 other addons removed.

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