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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


An avid Roleplayer since Vanilla and a severe Addon-aholic, I've finally decided to put together a set of recommended Addons I have found to help my roleplaying to be a lot easier and full of fun with less frustration. The addons in my RP packs are NOT required to roleplay on any server, least of all Earthen Ring. These addons are merely suggestions. Feel free to add your own or toss out whatever you don't like or use.

Two packs are available. One for MyRolePlay and one for Total RP 3.

Big THANK YOU to the Earthen Ring Roleplaying Community website for their contributions, suggestions, and support. Come visit us at

Included Addons:

Total RP 3 - Character Profile addon. Add additional information about your character and view that information about other people. This is very basic with few settings other than the information panel attached to your Character Sheet. It does communicate with MyRolePlay.

Gryphonheart Items - Create custom items for your roleplaying needs. Do everything from make ingame books to share with others, create potions with effects, create custom LUA scripted items! Just about anything is possible with GHI.

Prat - Add customization to your chatframes that can vastly improve your roleplaying experience. Make it easier to keep up with the fast flowing text, receive notices and popups when your name is said, link friends main names to their alts so you always remember who's talking, and SOO much more! ((View my Chat Frame tutorials on the ERRC website.))

Undress Button - Adds an "Undress" button to the closet frame to better see what an item looks like.

WIM & WIM Flat Panel - captures your whispers and puts them into IM style windows. The Flat Panel skin is perfect for a clean look. Each whisper is in it's own tab inside a container so as to not hog screen real estate.

Tongues - This is a linguistic addon. Speak and understand more than just your own racial languages. Adds dialects, make yourself sound drunk without having to plaster your character with ingame booze, and more. This is quite optional if you don't care to mess with languages. But it comes in handy when your character should be able to know a language ICly but it doesn't exist via game mechanics. Great for warlocks who want to speak the demonic languages.


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