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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


This is a compilation of addons that I use to make up my current UI that people ask about on my stream.


The M4xConfigJunior addon will take care of all that for you. If you already have saved profiles on the same addons NuttiesUI uses, they will be erased by using this tool.

So, if you don't want to lose them, before using this tool Backup your WTF folder or at least the SavedVariables folder located inside your 'account name' folder (not the one directly inside the 'WTF/Account' folder or the ones inside each 'character name' folder).

Take Note, that the M4x-ConfigJunior addon is specific to this compilation. You install this entire pack and when you log in to the game, click the image, then rightclick to reload and save the new config and go on your merry little way!

Adibags + Extras – bag replacement.
AppearanceTooltip – Mouse over a piece of gear and see what it looks like.
Auctionator - Autcion house addition.
Auto Confirm Static Popups - This takes care of a lot of those annoying confirm pop windows.
AutoRoll - Auto greed on everything or set it up to need on certain items.
BagSync - Bag addon that can search for items on your toon
Bazooka - Broker bar.
BigWigs + Extras – Boss mod addon.
Bonus Roll Preview - Gives a preiew of items that you can get while rolling.
Broker: Cash - Shows your gold on toon, server, and account.
Broker: MicroMenu - Quick MicroMenu on the broker.
Broker WorldQuests – WorldQuest List for a broker
Currency Tracking - Tracks the different currencies you track in your backpack.
Details – Damage meter.
Dominos - Action bar replacement.
EasyDisenchant - Makes disenchanting easy.
Een’s Chat Window Backup – Saves your chat settings to have the same on each character.
Garrison Mission Manager - Order Hall mission addon.
HandyNotes - Map addon that shows things on the map.
HandyNotes Legion Rares&Treasures
iCPU - Broker addon that adds fps, memory usage and more.
iMail - Broker addon that shows when there is new mail.
Kaliel's Tracker - Quest objective tracker replacement.
KUI Nameplates – Nameplate replacement.
Leatrix Plus - Adds additional options to the game.
M4x-ArtifactBroker - An at a glance artifact power broker.
M4x-Autorole – When you change specs your dungeon role switches automatically.
M4x-ConfigJunior - Configuration tool that creates the look of Nutties UI.
M4x-ilvlBroker - Shows your current ilvl and/or equipable ilvl.
M4x-Legendary - Makes a sound when you get a lego. If you have sounds down, you won't hear.
Masque + Extras - Addon that skins certain addons.
Message Toaster – Message popup.
MoveAnything - Addon to move things around.
Nameplate Scrolling Combat Text - Scrolling combat text replacent.
NomiCakes - Helps with getting all the recipes from Nomi.
Paragon Reputation - Replaces the default reputaion color.
Postal - Mail box replacement.
Prat 3 – Chat replacement.
Rematch - PetBattle Replacement/addition.
SavedInstances - Tracks your instance locks, and more.
Scrap – Junk seller.
SexyMap - Minimap replacement.
Shadowed Unitframes – Unit frames replacement.
Skinner - Pretty much skins everything WoW and addons alike.
SuramarPortalHelper - Puts icons on the map to show where the Suramar portals are.
Tekticles - Simple set of fonts.
The Undermine Journal - Adds pricing to tooltip.
Toaster - Customize toasts for addons.
TokenPrice - Broker that shows the price of the WoW Token.
WeakAuras 2 - Tracks buffs and cooldowns.
WorldQuestAssistant – Group up fast for world quests.
ZoneLevelInfo - Moves the Main map zone text to the left.

Big thanks to M4xc4v413r4 for creating the M4xConfigJunior addon, its awesome! Check him out @:

Thanks for using this UI.

Twitter: @JuniorDeBossTV

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