Nirryn's Addon Pack Legion

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  • Updated on 9/8/2017
  • Created on 3/25/2016
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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


This is my Addon Pack from Curse.Download link to Elvui: Client: Fix for Battleground Targets:

1. Addon Control Panel2.  AddOnSkins3. Armory QuickLink Legion4.  AshranBuddy5.  Auctionator6.  AutoTurnIn7. BattlegroundTargets8.  Battle Pet Daily Tamer9. Bequiet10.  Can I Mog It?11.   Deadly Boss Mods
[DBM All expansions]12.  Decursive13.  DejaCharacterStats14. Details! Damage Meter15.  Doom_CooldownPulse16. DynamicCam17. Easy Delete18.  Easy Obliterate19.  ElvUI SimpleRareElite20.  ElvUI_BenikUI v321.  Explorer Coords22.  FarmIt23.  Garrison Mission Manager24.  GatherMate2+Data25.  GladiusEx26.  GTFO27.  HandyNotes /LegionRares&Treasures/DraenorTreasures/ Broken Shore/Argus28.   LegionInvasionTimer29.  Macro Toolkit30.  Master Plan31.  MikScrollingBattleText32.   MogIt33. MoveAnything34. MythicPlus Loot35.  MythicPlusTimer36.Nameplate
Cooldowns37.  New Openables38.  OmniBar39.  Pawn40. Personal Loot Helper41.  Postal42.  Raid Assist43.  Routes44.  Server Hop45.  SexyMap46.  SharedMedia47.  Simple iLevel48.  Telemancy49.  TellMeWhen50.  Thogar Assist51.  TomTom52. TradeSkillMaster/ AppHelper53. VuhDo54.  WeakAuras 255.  World Quest Group Finder56.  World Quests List57.   World Quest Tracker58. Opie59. ElvUI Raid Markers60. XIV_Databar61. NomiCakes

Addons in this Pack


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