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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


I created this pack for new players who have no idea what addons might be beneficial to them. I see a lot of posts on /r/wow asking "What addons should I use guys? I am new to the game."

With that being said, this addon pack is great for veterans who want to get the basic addons in one pack.

Every addon I have included should require no configuration and work "out of the box."

Here is a list and a short description.

Altoholic - Keeps track of everything on all your toons. Be able to view your inventory of all your toons from any toon. As well as skills and professions.

Bagnon - Makes all your bags appear as one larger bag, and has some display tweaks that you can adjust.

Gatherer - Helps you identify spawn positioning of nodes i.e. herbs, ores, and more.

Auctionator- Helps you with buying, selling, and determining value of items in WoW.

AtlasLoot - Tells  you what gear drops from what dungeon and what boss.

TomTom - Helps you navigate the great world of Azeroth and lets you mark way-points in the game. (Also will point you to your dead body)

DeadlyBossMods - Great tool for telling you to get out of the fire, or warning you that you have a debuff.

Gladius - mostly for arena, type /gladius hide when you first login to get rid of it until you start doing arenas.

WIM- A must have, turns simple WoW whispers into a messaging style chat.  Never miss a tell again.

Mogit - Hover of a piece of gear and see how you will look wearing it.

Mapster - Some improvements over the default map.

RobBossMods - Will give you and your party (if you tell it to) a brief description of how to beat each boss encounter in dungeons.

That's it. I hope this pack was helpful to you "noobs." =)

Have fun in Azeroth!


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