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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


12/3 -- Added FreeRefills


Every addon I currently use except for the TSM Suite (hopefully also available as a different bundle).

Without getting into too much detail, when you first log in after installing, you'll have a lot of stuff on your screen.  The main things you'll see will probably be Gladius, Recount, and VanasKoS.

Gladius is the big colorful simulated team bars running, so just click and hold on them to move them somewhere comfortable.  They'll disappear when you relog, and only appear in the future when you do Arena (you'll have to set them for each char, though).

Recount will just be a box with some options, so you'll probably want to resize it so you can read everything in it, and then close it.  You can open it again anytime just by typing /recount.

VanasKoS is the rectangular blue box.  Move it somewhere where you can see it, but that it's out of the way.

Looking elsewhere on your screen, you'll probably be able to see a rectangular bar that says "MBF" on it.  This magical little thing corrals all your minimap buttons.  Left Click+Drag to move it to a convenient location, Right Click to expand it to get at all your buttons.

If you go to a mailbox and use it, you'll notice some of Postal's features.  I suggest you click the down arrow next to the X in the upper right-hand corner, and then raise your opening speed to 0.30 seconds.

AutoProfitX adds an icon to vendors that you can click to auto-sell trash items, to quickly free up your inventory.

The rest you'll pick up by looking at the specific pages for these addons, or just opening the addons themselves.

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