Naktor's Priest Healing Addon Pack

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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


I consider this to be the ultimate pre-raid set up for a healer. **** 1) Healium - This puts your healing buttons next to their names. Makes finding those important spells to cast to keep that tank alive at the last second much FASTER and EASIER. Also includes a decruse function **** 2) Spartan UI - This de-clutters your screen and moves everything to the bottom **** 3) Bartender - Because a standard UI is never to everyone's liking. With bartender you can move it and customize your bars and pads of buttons the way you like. **** 4) Deadly Boss Mods - Won't help you learn boss fights, but will give you a heads up when an ability or event is going to happen. It will allow you to prepare for the big damage incoming, need to cure someone, or to stop casting. **** 5) Omen threat meter - will show you who's up in the threat meter, will give you an audio or visual que when YOU are on top of the threat and will help you plan your heals on who is being targeted. Doesn't take up much screen space. **** 6) Visual Heal - will show a graphic at the bottom of the screen showing how much of someones health you are going to heal or overheal. lets you easily look and know if you need to re heal that person or move on to someone else. Okay this is some of the extra nice things to have. **** 7)DrDamage - Handy tool tip to show you which ability gives you the most healing per mana point spent on it! same with your dps!! and will break down how much more haste/spellpower/crit will do to that spell! **** 8) AtlasLootenhanced - Plan which dungeons you want to do and loot you want to collect before hand! no more comparing an item while your tank runs into the next room and dies! You'll know before hand or check your wish list to make those quick decision and go back to healing your Death Knight Tank!!! **** 9)Auctioneer - To make the big bucks early, playing the market makes it easy. This mod will let you scan the market and let you know which items are under priced, which are overpriced, and show you how to price your items! Much more for the more advanced users, but stop being the market victim and become the market predator!


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