Minimal Ui Replacement Low FPS

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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


EDIT: Removed a couple of outdated mods, & replaced

Removed: SKADA- if you want accurate DPS meters , Download

*Select* - has replaced GiveMeX addon. you can have my select macros in the link below. to install them go to inside your WTF/Account/Youraccount folder. here is a file called macros-cache. open this with notepad and add these lines -

From everything you need to raid/dungeon too have fun, this is working in the latest legion update.

NOTE: i have tested all addons for the Lowest fps/latency across all platforms and have come up with the following.

However, this pack requires you do some downloading/installing work yourself if you want to duplicate the screenshots.
Be sure when there is an update to check Wowinterface for the following external links to Wowinterface.these are not included in this pack because they are not on curse.

*Aurora* - Aurora is an addon which restyles the default Blizzard interface to a clean, minimalistic theme which is consistent across the entire UI.

*Aurora: Missing Textures*
- This is a plugin for Aurora. It replaces over 500 of the missing Buttons,
Textures and Borders of the default UI.

*Clean Icons - Thin* - I got tired of seeing old pre-BC styled icons mixed with BC and WoTLK icons so I decided to batch process all the icons into a clean format.

*Conflict Unit Frames* -Adjustments and Customizations to the Unit Frames
-Bugfix Replace file inside Conflict addon folder

For Party/Raid Replacements see-

Auto arrange groups depending on a filter -

Addons in this Pack


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