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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


Master Plan- This addon makes all your garrison and shipyard missions so much easier to manage, I believe this is the only reason why garrison is bearable. Not necessary for raiding but I believe everyone would love this addon, so thought I should include this one as well.
Deadly Boss Mods - A mandatory addon for raiding, it shows encounter specific abilities' cooldowns, and helps you with telling you when to move, taunt, dispel etc.
RCLootCouncil - We have a loot council to distribute loot on raids (At least during all the progression raids.) This is the tool we're using and it requires every raider to have it.
Iskar Assist - Makes dealing with Iskar encounter much easier.
Exorsus Raid Tools - This addon has some really niche raid tools that makes much easier organizing positioning during encounters. (Komrok,Mannoroth, M Archi, during current content)


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