Lucid Heroic Raiding UI

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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


I have always found that many people's UI have way too much info.  Most of it is not really necessary for a functional high-end raider.  I have come across a group of addons that not only give you the info you need to have, but it is also easy on the eyes so you are not overwhelmed with text.  It is mainly for ret and holy paladins, but any class could use this.  For most casters take out Clcret and replace with Wedontwipe or Ovale.  Feral druids can use Claw.  Death Knights should use CLC DK.  Magenuggets is also helpful for Mages, Shadow Priest and Boomkins.  Assassination rogues could use the mutilate addon (Not sure this one has been updated lately).  I really like healers using mouseover macros rather than relying on healing mods like clique, healbot and other such addons.   I also added quality of life improvement addons like Postal and Gogomount.  They are optional but they do make life much easier for you.  I added the askmrrobot addon because I feel it helps with Min/Max.  You can use simcraft to find your own stat weights and but the normalized ones into the askmrrobot site.  Very good to get the most out of your gearset.  There are also addons on here for raid leaders or people who need to track cd's of other players on the fly.  If you have questions about how to set it up I would be glad to help anyone out.

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