Kellathon's General Raiding Addon Pack

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  • Updated on 12/31/2009
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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


This addon pack does not specialise in one Role in a raid, it rather the basic addons for performing each role quite well. VuhDo - Raid / Party frames & also can be customised as a Click-To-Heal mod. Recount - Meters showing various things about each fight - Damage Done / Healing Done / Rage Gained / Damage Taken and more. Dominos - Action Bar addon. Very easy to customise and a lot of options and styles. Shadowed Unit Frames - Unit Frame addon. Easy to customise and has options such as 3D portraits. PallyPower - Can be deleted if not a Paladin. Easy to use interface to help paladins sort out buffing during raids. ClassTimer - Customisable bars that show effects to do with your class and your target, ex. If you are buffed with Arcane Intellect as a mage, and if your target has the Scorch debuff on. SatrinaBuffFrame - Buff bar mod, configure the position, size and layout of your buff / debuff bars. Addon Control Panel - Enable/Disable addons from within the game - no more logging out to change them! Deadly Boss Mods - Shows warnings and notifies you of what the boss is doing in fights. Omen Threat Meter - Shows the threat of the current target, helpful to know when to stop attacking and let the tank gather a little bit more aggro so you don't die!


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