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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


These are the addons I don't think I could live without. I play a lot of different characters (all 10 classes) and I need to be able to slip in and out of each one without a whole lot of relearning involved. Altoholic/Atlasloot Enhanced - Altoholic tracks all my characters gold, items and gear as well as virtually anything else you might want to look up about professions and achievements. Atlasloot can search for virtually any item in the game and tell you where to find it - incredibly handy. DBM - Raid mod. Basically the standard raiding reminders and alerts that keep me on my toes no matter which role I'm filling. Healbot/Decursive - My standard healing and cleansing mods for a long time. Fully customizable to tell me everything I need to know abut who is healing what and who needs heals as well as an easy to modify interface so i can adjust it for different group sizes as well as different class mechanics. Dominos/Pitbull/Sunn Viewport/TBag/SexyMap - My UI adjustment squad. Dominos handles the action bars however I see fit, Pitbull takes care of all the player frames however I need, TBag sorts all my items and puts them in one big panel, SexyMap puts my minimap, armored man, objectives and vehicle display wherever i want them, and Sunn creates the blank space on which I pile the majority of my button displays, mini-map, meters and chat boxes. Tidy Plates - Nameplates that tell you everything you ever needed to know about your target and any nearby adds. The threat indicator for each individual plate makes adjusting your focus fire that much easier no matter if your tanking or DPSing. GoGo Mount - Make one macro and place it on any character's bar or keybind it however you please to access any appropriate mount or form without even opening your mount book. Postal - A mail mod so useful, you won't know how you ever dug through your mailbox without it. Highly recommended especially if you're a frequent user of the auction house. Quartz - the quintessential cast bar mod. It can place a cast bar for yourself, your target, your focus, or your pet anywhere on your screen however big you want it to be. It tracks your GCD, latency and can even display buffs and debuffs. Any class can make use of all or part of its numerous utilities. Mik Scrolling Battle Text - Displays any heads-up information you might need to know about cooldowns, damage, heals, buffs and debuffs incoming and outgoing right where you ought to be looking. Can be adjusted to show or hide virtually any information that runs through the combat log during a fight. Skada Damage Meter - Like Recount for the layman. It isn't quite as accurate when it comes to watching the group, but it shines on personal reports. Not recommended for high-powered min/maxing, but extremely useful for everyday use.


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