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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


I've found out that I absolutely cannot live (at least in WoW) without the Nui interface. It has almost everything I need without having to install another dozen addons. Not only that, it gives a slim clean look to the interface, making WoW much more enjoyable. No one should even bother playing WoW without the Questhelper addon, unless you like to waste alot of time trying to find the mobs you are supposed to kill or switching from the game to your browser as you hunt down the coordinates. And while I am not a gold farmer, I do like to make some money. After all, how else can you get all the gear, reagents, meatsuff without some cashola on hand (besides farming it yourself, but I've places to go and mobs to kill). So Auctioneer not only helps me keep track of my auctions, but it gives me a running history of what price my items have moved at before. And with this information along with the information from other sellers who are marketing the same item, Auctioneer gives me an analysis of how much I can expect from selling such item. Based upon this history stored in the database, it also provides a recommendation on whether a particular drop would best be auctioned or sold to a vendor. This has helped me save quite a few coin in fees for failed auctions. I highly recommend this addon. And what can I say about Titan Panel that hasn't already been said? The other addons are just odds and ends to fit my particular preferences.

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