Going To Town

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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


<p>These are the addons I use on a daily basis, and most of them come in useful even when questing out in the field. This specific pack is meant to make town runs an easier, smoother process while also offering fun, full-featured chat/RP functionality and a few cosmetic tweaks. Below is a list and a short description of each addon included. Please don't ask for my WTF folders; I won't give them to you unless I know you personally. If you've used my pack, please rate! Thank you!</p>

<p><strong>"Town" Addons</strong></p>

<p>Addon Control Panel - In-game addon management with the ability to 'lock' or 'protect' addons from being disable on reloadui.</p>

<p>Auctionator - Very nice program to help streamline those that enjoy selling and buying competitively in the AH.</p>

<p>Badboy - Automatically reports that annoying bot spam, including whispers. Even blocks it from displaying.</p>

<p>Bagnon - Streamlines the ui of your bags into one super bag ui.</p>

<p>Gryphonheart Items - Really nice addon for creating items that can be traded with other players also using GHI. Like the theatrical cardboard lightening bolts, WoW style. Can also transcribe documents and books found in WoW. Comes with it's own bag for GHI items!</p>

<p>Mapster - Coords, scaling and ability to clear the fog of war. So very useful if you're searching for an area on the map that would normally be blacked out. Able to change the color and opacity of the fog of war, too.</p>

<p>MoveAnything - Move literally any WoW frame or hide it! Goes great with any UI/frames addon, like Grid, allowing you to hide the core frame elements that the specific addons may not directly be able to handle.</p>

<p>MyRolePlay - Add descriptive information about your character. Mostly only for RP use.</p>

<p>Outfitter - Useful for hotswapping gear sets and also RP clothing sets.</p>

<p>Postal - The best mailing addon (in my opinion). Makes the tedious, mundane task of checking your AH mail a breeze. Able to select multiple mail items to open, or open all. Saves lists of recently mailed, guildies and friends.</p>

<p>Sexymap - Fully customizable minimap addon. Can scale and also create a HUD minimap.</p>

<p>TipTac - Anchor your tooltips anywhere and have them display what YOU want.</p>

<p>Titan Panel - Like a Windows Taskbar for WoW. A must have for people wanting to keep track of relevant information like repairs, gold earned and also shortcut the options for other addons. Very, very useful for all roles and classes. Autohide feature, too!</p>

<p>Tongues - Mainly for RP use, but can be fun for everyone! Allows you to speak/understand multiple same-faction languages and dialects.</p>

<p>WoW Instant Messenger - Creates little minimizable boxes for your whispers that you can move around. Extremely useful, and also autohides/autoshows message boxes when entering/leaving combat</p>


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