GGUC Quest and Raid UI Pack

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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


GGUC has been testing again. We decided not to update as much of the previous Geek Addons were needing a new test run. We kept a number if not all of the basics that we liked. We added a number of addons that made out lives easier. (10/17/2014) Slimming down for right now to see who will return and who will not. Some of the addons we kept in hopes that they will be updated for WoD upcoming expansion and patches.

Lots of modules for the pack's basic UI and HUD items. We got rid of some of the pretty sparkly items and put the RP addon into their own pack. If they were hard to find before, the number of addons and their plugins would make it harder to see the few RP addons. We'll be updating the RP pack when we get a chance to test and have a few more of the modules updated by their respective authors.

We were going for dungeon, Raid, and Scenario pack for this pack. So we look for useful addons to make a person's life easier while dungeon crawling, raiding with the buds (or pugs with the "Looking For"), or just hitting those scenarios. We are getting into the raiding and other options since we don't have to wait for all of us to be online together now for testing addons for the packs.

We hope you like the package. If you have questions or suggestions, leave them below in Comments. We do try to answer if no one else answers first.

All of our packages will be found under the GGUC tagline now.

Updated 10/17/2014.

Addons in this Pack


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