Electrospell's Addon Pack (Mainly for Rogues)

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  • Updated on 3/23/2010
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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


An Addon Pack mainly build for rogues but just as good for any other class. <br>
Buffs + Damage : <br>
DrDamage <br>
Recount <br>
RoguePowerBars <br>
Proculas <br>
Quick Rogue Info <br>
OmniCC <br>
Loot: <br>
Atlasloot Enhanced <br>
Loot Filter <br>
ClassLoot <br>
LootDB <br>
RatingBuster <br>
RhadaTip DPS/HPS Tooltip <br>
Raid: <br>
Deadly Boss Mods <br>
Omen Threat Meter <br>
UL: <br>
X-Perl UnitFrames <br>
Bartender4 + Dualspec <br>
MikScrollingBattleText <br>
SexyMap <br>
ButtonFacade + Caith <br>
Rogue Focus Classic <br>
Other: <br>
Titan Panel <br>
Overachiever <br>
NPCScan <br>
Talented <br>
WinterTime <br>
Poisoner <br>
ErrorFilter <br>
Postal <br>
GearScore <br>

Addons in this Pack


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