Duct Tape Raid Member Addon Pack

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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


DTB Raiders: This is a stand-alone addon pack for the Spring 2013 raid "season.". None of these addons require a data broker (ie, Titan Panel or Chocolate Bar) but will work fine with one. This Raiders Pack puts the following in your raiding arsenal (our sincere thanks to all the authors):

Addon Control Panel (OPTIONAL): A very handy tool to enable and disable addons on-the-fly while in the game. More sensible organization than the Blizz screen. Adds a quick-access button to your escape menu. Customize addons by character & save dozens of profiles if you want to.

Deadly Boss Mods (Required): The full DBM 4-part suite is included, but any additional DBM components are optional (up to you). DBM "Loads on Demand" so it takes up minimal resources. DBM is, quite simply, the ultimate Boss Mod. If you want to put it on your broker bar, get the "Deadly Boss Mods - LibDataBroker" addon here at Curse.

GTFO (OPTIONAL): The name means exactly what you think. It provides alert sounds for AOE and other harmful effects. Get the $#@! out of that purple stuff!

MessageBoard (Required): An in-game message posting forum. We will be using this instead of the website to coordinate & poll the raiders among us. This addon pins a flag to your minimap (you can move it).

SavedInstances (OPTIONAL): Optional, but REALLY handy! Provides a quick (mouseover) summary of your lockouts on all toons. Can be pinned to your minimap or your broker bar.

Sheepdog (Required): Attacking crowd-controlled mobs often equals raid fail. No more! Sheepdog alerts you with a whine when a mob is CCd, and will bark at you if you target a CCd mob. Yes, I said "bark!" Sheepdog is currently indicating "out of date" but it has been updated for MoP and IS WORKING. Be sure to check "Load Out of Date Addons" on your addon screen.

Our thanks, again, to all the authors of these incredibly useful addons!



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