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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


Very informative and easy-to-look-at UI.

After careful testing and working around with addons I decided this was the best and most clean looking addon-pack while still keeping important information in tidy easy-accessible places. Contains all the addons that I consider a must.
Kept the original player/target/party frames blizzard uses as I find them a bit better then others (but you can install anything you prefer, like Pitbull, but beware that Elite Player Frames won't work anymore then).

Upon installing this addon pack it is required to configure a couple of them (but won't take more then 10 minutes at most). You can ofcourse configure the way you like it, but if you want to configure how I done it then do the following:
- for Sunn - Viewport Art set the theme to Finwe.
- Bartender contains 3 mainbars at the bottom, following a petbar and then a stance bar to the left and another buttonbar to the right.
- SexyMap uses the preset: Blue Square Glow.
- Masque uses Darion Clean for all the bars, while it uses Aura Frames for the buff/debuff frames.
- Prat, Omen and Recount just require careful placement.
- The player/target frames were moved to the center-bottom of the screen, this you can do with the default blizzard UI by right clicking on them and selecting "Unlock Frame".

Most addons can be configured from the Options > Interface and then Addons tab, however there are some addons requiring a command to edit, those following are:
- Bartender (buttonbars): /bt
- Elite Player Frames (elite frame around player frame): /epf
- TipTac (tooltips): /tiptac
- Xloot (better lootscreen): /xloot
- PVPsound (Unreal Tournament 3 sounds in pvp): /pvpsound
- Grid (raid frames): /grid
- Deadly Boss Mods (raid/dungeon timers): /dbm

Remember these addons are not made by me, just packed together to form (hopefully) the best UI out there.

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