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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


Easy configurable, no nonsense pack. Some of the addons are not shown but I tried to show the most I could. A little bit of extra information: vanasKoS - It has the function of showing nearby players, friendly and cross-faction. It shows up in a list, that's what the block/tag above the minimap is. I also have the deadly boss mods located there, but when I'm in bg's or raids, I don't need to see if someones near, and not in those, deadly boss mods doesn't show anything. Postal - Has the option to oneclick loot all mails. Atlasloot Enhanced - Loottables for all bosses/raids along with whatever craft from whichever profession takes up in materials. Guild Craft - Saves/Remembers professions from guildies, making you able to check if someone in your guild can make that craft you want and if (s)he is online. MoveAnything! - Exactly what the name says, able to place the GM ticket screen, capturing flag bars, etc. to other positions. Energy Monitor - Able to enlarge a special bar with different things which it can show (combo points, energy, etc.) making it a great helper in focussing on energy for mostly pve things. I think that sums it up... ==>Ask if you want more information or look it up at the addonlist, whichever works best for you.<==

Addons in this Pack


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