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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


This UI addon pack is for all World of Warcraft gameplay.  The UI is built around ElvUI from

It contains the following addons available from

-   AddonControlPanel: Easy Addon management. Able to enable/disable addons without having to log out.
-    Adibags: Onebag inventory addon. Autosorts by type.
-    BagSync: Will let you if you have an item on another toon, and how many.
-    Deadly Boss Mods
-    ElvUI Chat Tweaks: Chat plugin for ElvUI
-    Flight Map and Time: Flight time
-    GatherMate2: Gathering/farming addon
-    GatherMate2_Data: Database for Gathermate2
-    KuiNamePlates: Clean nameplate addon
-    LibSharedMedia-3.0
-    MikScrollingBattleText
-    Routes: Route generator for Gathermate2
-    Skada Damage Meter: Recount replacement
-    TomTom: GPS arrow for Routes
-    WeakAuras 2: Proc manager

The ElvUI addon must be downloaded from

Recommended: ElvUI AddonSkins, to be able to embed Skada in chat frame, from

Once everything is installed and ElvUI wizard is complete, finish configuration by:

1. Launch ElvUI configuration: /ec
2. Disable Bags
3. Disable Nameplates
4. Embed Skada by going to ElvUI AddonSkins, Embed Settings

Comments welcome!


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