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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


Updated some things and changed some addons. In 7.2 there are still some bugs, I hope the addon authors will fix them soon, or I will have to find some good replacements. You can disable Merathilis UI if you want to go with BenikUI only. I kicked ElvUI Enhanced Again because it started to bug out and S&L has some better functions. You should enable it on a toon and run through the whole setup and enable the author presets for layout for both author presets to get the full S&L options on all characters.

All purpose ElvUI compilation for raiding and every day playing. You need to get ElvUi from and the ls: Toasts ElvUi addon from there too.

The rest is very self explaining.

For raiding and raidleaders we have BigWigs (with Common Auras plugin), oRA3, Exorsius Raidtools and Details! included.

Oh and we have Clique for clickcasting on the ElvUi/BenikUi raidframes. ;)

For normal dungeons LittleWigs and Details!.

For every day needs we have Skillet for crafting needs, Auctionator for selling and buying stuff, AdiBags for bagmanagment and Bagsync for itemtracking on account. MailCommander for automated mailsending items to alts, Postal for massmailmanagment.

For your daily world quest runnings we run with World Quest Group Finder and Angry World Quests combined with World Quest Tips & Timers and World Quest Tracker that fits in with TomTom.

For tweaking and going deeper we have Pawn, Artifact Progression Path and Best in Slot addon together with the SimulationCraft export addon.

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