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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


<p>These are the addons I use on a daily basis, and most of them come in useful even when questing out in the field. This specific pack is meant to make instances and raids an easier, smoother process, offering real-time telemetry and enhanced ui functionality. Below is a list and a short description of each addon included. Please don't ask for my WTF folders; I won't give them to you unless I know you personally. If you've used my pack, please rate! Thank you!</p>

<p><strong>"Raid" Addons</strong></p>

<p>Addon Control Panel - In-game addon management with the ability to 'lock' or 'protect' addons from being disable on reloadui.</p>

<p>Atlasloot Enhanced - Look up loot tables from all raids and instances.</p>

<p>Badboy - Automatically reports that annoying bot spam, including whispers. Even blocks it from displaying.</p>

<p>Bagnon - Streamlines the ui of your bags into one super bag ui.</p>

<p>Bartender - The program I used to create my own actionbars and arrange them in the fashion I like. Have as many or as few bars as you'd like!</p>

<p>Deadly Boss Mods (Vanilla, BC, WotLK, Cata)- Gives you need-to-know spell/ability casting/targeting information on all raid bosses, in realtime.</p>

<p>Eavesdrop - Runs an active list of incoming and outgoing attacks/casts. Very useful for seeing what goes on during large scale battles and also PVP.</p>

<p>Gearscore - Measures a players potential output according to the gear currently equipped to that player.</p>

<p>Grid (Mana Bars, Status Role, Unit Menu)- Nice, neat little cells for tracking the health and mana/rage/focus and role of party/raid members. Very nice for tanks.</p>

<p>IceHUD - Very stylish player/target/target's target/focus/pet frames with fully customizable options.</p>

<p>MoveAnything - Move literally any WoW frame or hide it! Goes great with any UI program like Bartender or IceHud, allowing you to hide the core frame elements that the specific addons may not directly be able to handle.</p>

<p>Omen - See who's top threat, how much threat is being generated and broken down by %.</p>

<p>OmniCC - Adds a cooldown countdown timer on top of your actionbar skills and will flash when the skill is again ready for use. Extremely useful in crucial, timed situations.</p>

<p>Outfitter - Useful for hotswapping gear sets and also RP clothing sets.</p>

<p>RatingBuster - Like an item sub-mechanic cheat sheet. Will tell you more about an item's stats than you can shake a stick at. Hides irrelevant info, displays useful based on class. Fully customizable output.</p>

<p>Recount - Everyone knows what Recount is. Useful for realtime tracking of DPS, HTPS and a multitude of other relevant data. Useful for all classes and all roles. Everyone should have AT LEAST this addon.</p>

<p>Satrina Buff Frames - Fully customizable buff frame units. Add expire warning, extra frames, etc. Very nice and fully customizable.</p>

<p>Sexymap - Fully customizable minimap addon. Can scale and also create a HUD minimap.</p>

<p>TipTac - Anchor your tooltips anywhere and have them display what YOU want.</p>

<p>Titan Panel - Like a Windows Taskbar for WoW. A must have for people wanting to keep track of relevant information like repairs, gold earned and also shortcut the options for other addons. Very, very useful for all roles and classes. Autohide feature, too!</p>


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