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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


This addon pack is meant for my guild, Bahamut, so that we can have a convenient source of addons. Others are also more than welcome to use it. Installing all of these is not recommended as the list contains alternatives i.e. Bagnon and Adibags - if you don't like one then use the other.

TL;DR for what each addon does:

BugSack - gets rid of error messages.
*AngryAssignments - allows raid wide communication of priorities.
**AskMrRobot: equipment analyzer.
~AutoRepair - do I even have to say?
BadBoy - filters spam from your chat.
AdiBags: bag addon that auto-sorts your bags.
Bagnon - for when AdiBags is just too much to handle.
~BattlegroundTargets - easy way to target people in BGs.
*BDLC - loot.
~BonusRollPreview - see what you can get from your roll before rolling.
BossCheatSheets - simple strats for bosses.
~ConsLegion - makes leveling even more stupid easy.
*DBM - just get it.
*DeathNote - tells you how you died.
~Details! - best info tracker out there; can track dps, hps, deaths, uptime, and sooo much more.
Doom_CDPulse - pulses an icon when your spells come off CD.
EnemyGrid -  automatically populate a grid of the closest enemy targets.
*Exorsus - raid tools.
GottaGoFast - enhanced timer for Mythic+.
~Grid2 - raid/party frames.
*GTFO- lets you know when you're being a bad.
KuiNameplates - best nameplates ever.
MBB - with all these addons, you want to still be able to see your minimap, right?
**Pawn - plug in stat values and it tells you whats an upgrade.
PieceofJustice - QoL addon.
~Postal - open all your mail at once.
~RaidAchievement - addon for tracking achievements mid-fight.
SafeQueue - gets rid of the 'leave que' button on the que pop-up.
SavedInstances - tells you what you're saved to across all characters.
~ServerHop - a must have for gold making right now. Lets you hop to another server.
Telemancy - puts Suramar teleports on your map.
~VanasKoS - mark people for KoS. Also marks pvp activity on your map/minimap.
~WeakAuras - super useful for priorities and CD tracking.
~TellMeWhen - basically WeakAuras but with subtle differences.
~WIM - never miss a whisper. Also, super useful for holding multiple conversations at once.
~WQL - best world quest addon atm.

* = required for raids (AngryAssignments, BDLC, DBM, DeathNote, Exorsus, GTFO, AND AskMrRobot or Pawn)

~ = highly recommended

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