Atkins Minimalistic UI 1920x1280 Widescreen

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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


Atkins UI Optimized for 1920x1200 resolutions. (Smaller resolutions will need some "moving around" from you. ~ All Addons are compatible with 4.0.3a ~ -Updates! 10.04.2011: -Added Grid UnitMenu I've usally been a fan of downloading other peoples nice work, but recently I decided to start working on my own UI's. The result is now ready for your pleasure should you like it. This UI is mainly set from a DPS point of view, but I have added some functions to GRID should you be a healer. However you might have to remake the Grid frames a little as they are way to small for a healer. might just want to use HEALBOT, either way, I hope you enjoy. How to: Install! 1. Back up you WTF folder (located in your World of Warcraft main folder) and your Interface folder (located in you World of Warcraft folder) 2. Extract the Interface and WTF folders contained in the .rar into your WoW directory. 3. Open up the new WTF folder, and then the Account folder located in it. 4. Rename the folder called "YOURACCOUNTNAME" to your account name. Keep caps! 5. Open the folder, and rename the folder "YourRealmName" in it to the name of the realm your character is located on. 6. Open that folder and rename the folder located in it called "YourCharName" to your character's name. 7. When you start the game, make sure to enable out of date add ons. 8. Once in game, type /dominos, go to "Profiles", click on "Atkins" and click "Set". Adjust any additional bars and keybinds as you see fit, Dominos is VERY easy to handle. 9. Everything should work immediately. If for some reason it does not, do the following: - Quartz (/quartz => Profile, "Copy From"=>"Atkins") - Sexymap (/sexymap => Profiles, "Atkins-Genjuros") - Prat (/prat => Profiles, Existing Profiles => "Atkins" How to: KgPanels! 1. Type /kgpanels config 2. In the options, locate "Profiles" 3. Select "Existing Profiles" => "Atkins" Addon List! This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1464x763. Note: If you do not wish to have the addons bar at the top (see screen shot) you can simply disable or delete the "Chocolate" addon and the "Broker" addons. Note2: As I use Grid for party frames, simply right click on Grid for the usual unit menu. Disclaimer: I have not developed or am claiming any of the addons used. ENJOY!


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