**An Addon pack by Chaffee of Stormrage

  • Created By: Chaffee
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  • Updated on 1/19/2010
  • Created on 1/10/2010
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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


My Add-on pack has a little bit for everyone. Its great for raiders and raid leaders alike. It has some small add-ons like Fubar_NameToggleFu which people would overlook but are nice to have. The pack simplifies your UI with all your general infomation(buffs/meters/threat/buttons) at the bottom, which leaves the rest of your screen for specific add-ons that show more important info (grid, decursive, raid warnings). It also appeals to the players that like things to look good.(spartanUI,Prat) You can keep things very simple with minimal info or a bit more complicated with as much information as you can think ofon your screen. It's all there for you to tweak out.

Addons in this Pack


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