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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


Greetings, travelers. I am Amrytale, Elderof the Wolves of Theramore, a progression raiding charter on Silver Hand - Alliance! In an effort to make sure that all raiders have a competent and usable interface that will scale well with different resolutions and not be a total resource hog, I have created AmryUI. This is a raiding addon pack meant primarily for melee DPS and tanking. It does not include Healbot or another Healer addon, and I have never tested its efficacy on a caster. However, I have no reason to doubt that with slight modification it could be adapted to these roles. As I level my shaman, perhaps I will build these features in to the UI. The UI makes good use of kgPanels to separate chat and raid frames to each side. Bartender and Pitbull 4 take care of action bars and player, focus, target, and target of target frames. Satrina's Buff Frames monitors many things: player buffs are kept in the top left, away from the normal field of vision. Player debuffs appear above the player unit frame; the same is true of target debuffs and target of target buffs and debuffs. IceHUD acts as a quick reference for your health level. Certain debuffs and DoTs are monitored beside the HUD. For instance, as a DPS warrior, I must sometimes monitor stacks of Sunder Armor, Rend ticks, Thunderclap debuffs, or Demoralizing Shout. Each of these appears with a concomitant timer beside the enemy health bar in the HUD. Other essential raiding addons are included. Gear sets are managed quickly with Outfitter. Spell cooldowns are monitored with OmniCC. Raid frames, raid buffs, etc. are all covered by Grid, which comes in 10, 25, and 40 man profiles. 5-man unit frames are covered by the Pitbull frames. Omen monitors threat, and Skada monitors DPS. Both of these are located near the action bars and chat window (monitored by Prat 3.0) so that they are easily accessible when raiding. HudMap and DBM round out the raiding addons. Titanpanel tracks durability, guild, mail, Outfitter and your current spec. A simple click is all it takes to change from spec to spec and Outfit to Outfit. Behind the scenes, RatingBuster, ClassLoot and Gearscore help you with determining gear. AtlasLoot helps you plan for gear, and if any element of the UI is bothering you, MoveAnything will help you. ButtonFacade creates a stylized, easy-to-see set of buttons so that you always know what you're clicking when you're clicking it. I hope you find this as useful and as much a benefit to your raiding as I do!


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