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    More specifically, it no longer shows on my target even though "Display Combo Point Bar" is selected.

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    Upgraded to latest version (5.0.2) and I noticed combo points are no longer showing up for my feral druid.

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    Latest version I downloaded today (7.0.1) is throwing errors:


    Message: ..\AddOns\CooldownCount\CooldownCount.lua line 352:
       attempt to concatenate a nil value
       CooldownCount\CooldownCount.lua:352: CreateCooldownCount()
       [C]: CooldownFrame_Set()
       ..\FrameXML\ActionButton.lua:540: StartChargeCooldown()
       ..\FrameXML\ZoneAbility.lua:106: ZoneAbilityFrame_Update()


    Also, I believe a change that's now happening is that it's showing the countdown number while an ability is gaining charges (before it would only show up when the ability was completely out of charges).  Can it to go back to the old way or at least have an option to toggle it to not display when there are charges available? 


    (A good example of this is the Artillery Strike garrison ability with 3 charges)

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    The quality of this addon is improved greatly by just setting



    text = nil

    Or at the very least if this can be built in as an option, that would be wonderful.  That way my brain only looks for the special transmog text on actual transmogable items. 


    One feature you should highlight in the description that makes this addon a "must-have" is that it's able to tell me that a random plate BOE that I find on my priest is already learned by my warrior.  The Blizzard's default UI doesn't do that.


    You may also improve upon that by rewording one of your "Learned" states to something like "Learned by another character" to highlight items that aren't actually transmogable for current logged-in character, but known to my account.

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    It's not designed to be a replacement for DBM or BigWigs and I highly recommend that you continue to use your boss mod of choice as well.  GTFO won't tell you what boss ability is going to happen, which person needs to run away, or what you need to do. 


    GTFO is your personal fail monitor that alerts you when you are taking avoidable damage and works great along side DBM/BigWigs.

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    UnitIsQuestBoss({unitId}) is the API command.


    Looks like ZPerl_Target.lua XPerl_Target_UpdateClassification and XPerl_Target_UpdateType would need to be updated along with a "XPERL_TYPE_QUEST" string added to localization.lua.



    elseif (questBoss) then
        bossType = XPERL_TYPE_QUEST
        self.bossFrame.text:SetTextColor(1.0, 0.96, 0.41)



    if (self.conf.classIcon and (UnitIsPlayer(partyid) or (UnitClassification(partyid) == "normal" and not UnitIsQuestBoss(partyid)))) then

     etc...  was curious myself. :P 

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    Can you add support for special Quest mobs that have the exclamation mark on their unit frame on the default UI?  It could say "Quest" where it usually says "Rare" or "Elite"

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    Fixed some bugs this release and added support for many of the dungeons in Legion as well as the Broken Shore scenario.


    GTFO's sounds aren't working in beta right now (custom sounds/textures have been disabled temporarily), so for you beta testers I recommend for now pairing the addon with a visual aid like Weak Auras.  (I'm still working on the custom sounds UI...)

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    Looks for this value in GTFO.lua:

    IgnoreTimeAmount = .2; -- Number of seconds between alert sounds


    Change that from .2 to 4


    If you use the auto-unmute function, you will need to change the value in SoundTimes as well.


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    Can you check your addon list in game and verify that it's not disabled?

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