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Support development! **

About RCLootCouncil

Please submit any bugs you find or any improvement you can think of using the Curse ticket system.

v2.0 Alpha testing is on

Note: If you unintentionally download the alpha via the Curse Client, make sure your "Preferred Release Type" is set to "Release" by rightclicking "RCLootCouncil" in the Curse Client.


Full loot council automatization
Automatically starts a council when the master looter starts looting something and shows the interface for councilmembers and lootframe for other raiders
Fully implemented loot frame
No need to link your items, RCLootCouncil comes with an automatic system for looting, just like group loot in dungeons or LFR (but it still supports it, just in case someone forgot to install the addon).
Customizeable council
You decide who's council, wether based on guild rank or custom added members, all with a nice and simple interface.
Automated display
Whenever someone in the council votes RCLootCouncil updates across the raid to reflect the changes.
Automated loot distribution
The master looter can simply click a button to award the item to a given player (followed by a confirmation box for security).
The master looter decides which and how many buttons to display, as well as the corresponding text and response text and color to display for the council.
Easy to use
Ready to use out-of-the-box, you really don't have to do anything to get started.
Built-in item history
You can track every awarded item and the related statistics if you want to.
If the packaged solution doesn't fit your needs there's a lot of different options in the Options menu to play with, and new possibilities is just a request away.


Have every raid member install RCLootCouncil and the addon will handle the rest. In case someone in your raid haven't installed the addon (not recommended) just tell them to whisper their item(s) the loot would replace to the master looter, and the addon will extract as much data from it as it can. Whispers is enabled by default. See the "Whispers" section for more details.


The raid leader is prompted with a confirmation to use the addon upon entering a raid, and the addon automatically sets the loot method to master looter, finds the council and activate their addon as well. If the Master Looter haven't set a council, he's prompted with a box to choose a minimum guild rank to participate. Alternatively, use /rc cadd "playerName" to manually add players or go into the options menu ("/rc config" or through the interface/addons menu) and set it up there.

Whenever the Master Looter starts looting, RCLootCouncil detects any items above the raid's loot threshold and starts the council interface for the first eligible item and shows the looting frame for everyone. When players click their reply (default is "Mainspec/Need", "Offspec/Greed", "Minor Upgrade" and "Pass") the council interface shows the responses, and council members can start voting. When the council has agreed, the master looter simply select the player from the list, click award and the item is awarded. Alternatively the Master Looter can right click on a given player for an extended list of options, including other reasons to award the item and reannounce the item(s).

The addon then automatically starts a council for the next eligible item, if any.

RCLootCouncil is ready to use right away, however there's a range of options available to those that wishes. If you're not the Master Looter, most of the options won't do anything, as the Master Looter's settings is always used for all players in a raid. Be sure to toggle the "Show Advanced Options" to see all the available options.


Vote for self
Ticking this (default) allows council members to vote for themselves - they may not if unticked.
Multi Vote
Ticking this (default) allows council members to vote more than once - unticked gives 1 vote per council member.
Allow Notes
Ticking this (default) allows raiders to send a note to the council members along with their roll.
Auto Looting
Ticking this (default) makes the addon automatically loot any wearable above the loot threshold items when the master looter opens the standard loot frame.
Loot Everything
Ticking this (default) enhances the autolooting to now loot every single item above the loot threshold, as opposed to wearable items only.
Council (tab)
In here the Master Looter can specify/edit the council.
Advanced Options
Anonymous Voting
Ticking this disables the tooltip showing which council members have voted for a person - unticked (default) enables it.
Show for the ML only
Ticking this along with Anonymous Voting makes voting anonymous for everyone but the Master Looter.
Autoloot BoE
Ticking this (default) will make the addon autoloot BoE items. Unticking it will make it skip BoE items.
Alt Click Looting
Ticking this (default) enables the Master Looter to start a looting session by Alt-left-clicking on items in the loot frame - useful if "Auto Looting" or "Loot Everyting" is turned off, or if you just want to manually control which items should be looted.
Auto Award
Activate this to automatically award items based on a lower and upper threshold to a specific person for a specific reason (both thresholds included). Note this overrides the normal loot threshold, and loot is awarded as soon as the ML opens the loot list without any confirmation, so use with care.
Announcement Options (tab)
Select which channels (up to 2) and a message to display whenever you award an item with RCLootCouncil and/or announce whenever an item is under consideration, i.e. shown to the council.
Buttons, Responses and Whispers (tab)
Use this to alter the amount of buttons (up to 8), their text and their corresponding response and color to show in the voting frame. Use the slider to control how many buttons to show (min. 1). The first button is the one considered "MainSpec" in the Loot History. The pass button must be specified in order to filter passes out.
Accept Whispers
Ticking this (default) enables the Master Looter to add players to the voting frame by having them whisper their item(s) during a loot session. See the "Whispers" section for more info.
Accept Raid Chat
Ticking this enables raiders to link their items in the raid chat as they would when whispering the Master Looter. Default is off.
Keyword list
The list of keywords accepted when players link their items. Each button may have several keywords. Keywords must be single phrases consisting of numbers and/or letters. Use any punctuation or spaces to separate.
Loot History options (tab)
Used to display the loot history (chat command: "/rc history") and/or clear the history.
Track Awards
Ticking this enables logging of awards and all related statistics.
Send Awards
If toggled, the Master Looter will send out award logs to everyone with "Track Awards" enabled. This log contains all the information available on the voting screen along with instance and boss names as well as date and time.
Other History Entries
Used to create other reasons for awarding items to players and control whether these should be logged or not in the history. Defaults to "Disenchanting" (logged), "Banking" (logged) and "Free" (not logged). A maximum of 8 entries can be added.


prefix: /rc or /rclc

  • config - opens the options menu
  • show - shows the council interface
  • hide - hides the council interface
  • council - displays the current council
  • councilAdd or cAdd "name" - adds the player to the council
  • remove "name" - deletes a player from the council
  • deleteEntireCouncil - deletes every council member (cannot be undone)
  • version - opens the version frame, good for testing whom has the addon installed.
  • history - opens the loot history explorer.
  • whisper - shows a brief guide to how the whispers work.
  • reset - resets the addon's frames' positions.
  • test (#) - starts the addon in solo test mode if used without a number else raid test (requires a raid group).

Planned Features

  • Extend Right Click Menu - add stuff like a list of enchanters.
  • Autopassing
  • More modular (like skins and stuff)
  • Handling loot anytime (i.e. not required to have the WoW loot window open.)
  • Please create a ticket if you have your own ideas.


This feature has been included as of popular request. Raiders without the addon installed can whisper (or raid chat) their current item(s) followed by a keyword to get added to the consideration list. It's still preferred to install the addon, as it gives full functionality.


/w Potdisc [item] need
If Potdisc is the Master Looter, you would be added as a MainSpec/Need with your [item].
/raid [item1][item2] os
The Master Looter adds (if he has "Accept Raid Chat" enabled) you with both items as Offspec/greed.

Button 1 (Mainspec/Need) is the fallback if no keyword is provided.

The keywords can be edited in the "Buttons, Responses and Whisper" tab in the options menu. Once the addon is enabled, i.e. when in a raid, players can whisper "rchelp" to the Master Looter to receive the list of keywords.

1.7.8 Release

  • Now handles new commands from v2.0.0-alpha.10
  • Note: In this (and previous) version(s) versionCheck and reannounce doesn't work with players from different realms. Consider upgrading to v2.0.

1.7.7 Release


  • Fixed the "Upgrade string".

1.7.6 Release


  • Added potential fix for CompactRaidGroup() taint.

1.7.5 Release

  • Prepared for v2.0-Alpha
  • Changes in v2.0 would cause 1.7.4 to throw an error everytime it received a command. This version fixes that.
  • Added support for showing v2.0 in version checker, and reply to v2.0 version requests.


  • Improved ElvUI Loot Frame support.

1.7.4 Release

  • Added tier 18 tokens
  • Shows the equivalent gear when looting tier 18 tokens. Also supports trinkets.


  • Various small improvements.

1.7.3 Release

  • Updated .toc for 6.2
  • More response announcement
  • It was pretty stupid not to allow normal award reasons to be announced with the last update. Use "&r" in the announcement text to substitue it for the award reason.


  • Fixed some leaked globals.
  • Optimized date calculations.
  • Notes sometimes went all over the place. Making a note and responding on another item will still cause the note to disappear.
  • Sometimes items couldn't be awarded if people left the group.

1.7.2 Release

  • Increment version for patch 6.1.

1.7.1 Release

  • Added announce award reason.
  • It's now possible to add "reason" when announcing awards, if awarding by a Loot History reason. Use "&r" in the announcement text. Props to Raylehnhoff.
  • Text no longer have a fixed size, wherever possible.
  • Minor optimizations.
  • The addon now loots BoE items by default.


  • Mousing over "PeopleToRoll" could cause an error.
  • A tooltip explaining why the "award" buttons is greyed out when rightclicking a candidate was missing.

1.7.0 Release

This version is not backwards compatible.

  • Added "Raid Council Members"
  • Used to add council members from your current raid, but it's primary function is to properly add players from other realms.
  • Added minimize
  • You're now able to minimize the RCLootCouncil voting frame - just click the "-" button.
  • Added Crossrealm support
  • Crossrealm groups is now fully supported.
  • Note: This requires everyone to reset their council (notice message included in-game).


  • Fixed error related to GetRaidRosterInfo() could return nil presumeably due to latency issues.
  • The "Filter Passes" message when everyone have passed didn't work as intended.
  • Solo tests now better reflects the real thing.
  • Initialize now accounts for server delay, thanks guinea pig oblitlol.
  • Removed debug spam on whisper stuff (I wonder how long that's been there?)
  • The voting frame now properly sorts all sessions in accordance to responses.
  • All localizable fonts are now inherited from GameFont to ensure different locale support.


Note: This version is not backwards compatible! Tagged as alpha so people won't get it unintentionally, although it's pretty much a release candidate.

  • This version is mainly a test if cross-realm finally works without breaking something, however it does include other stuff like the ability to minimize the voting window and adding council members from your raid roster (primary use is to add council members from another server, but also if they're not in your guild), along with some other fixes.
  • This version requires a council reset.
  • Again, it WILL NOT WORK with older versions of RCLootCouncil.

1.6.6 Beta

*Not backwards compatible!

  • This version is broken for master looters.
  • Beta test for cross-realm raiding fix

1.6.5 Release


  • Cross-realm raids should be fixed.

1.6.4 Release

Big thanks to Eriner for the help on this update!

  • Updated for 6.0.3


  • No longer causes errors upon attempting to determine realm due to API change.
  • No longer freezes UI on rolls.

1.6.3 Release

  • "/rc test #" now picks random items from a small list of T16 items.


  • Council members are no longer spammed with loot roll windows.
  • Fixed bugs with realm name stripping for realms with spaces.
  • Fixed council voting problems caused by patch 5.4.7 API changes.
  • Alt-click looting multiple items will now restart the looting session for any items not already awarded.

1.6.2 Release

  • Performance enhancements.


  • The voting frame for councilmembers didn't change properly to the next item when something was awarded.
  • Hovering over the item to be looted in the voting frame would always display the tooltip of the first item.
  • Items added through chat would sometimes not follow their supplied keyword.
  • LootFrame width was sometimes too large.
  • Fixed the bugs caused by the API change to include realm names on GetGuildRosterInfo() calls.
  • Session buttons wasn't updating correctly when adding items by Alt-Clicking.

1.6.1 Release

  • Note these fixes requires every council member to have this version.


  • Forgot to turn off some debugging in 1.6.0.
  • Votes was handed to the wrong session.

1.6.0 Release

  • Updated for 5.4.
  • Added Tier 16.
  • RCLootCouncil now factors in Tier 16 pieces (note that Essences are treated as a Misc item)
  • Added session switching.
  • Council members can now switch between sessions when multiple items are to be considered.
  • The Master Looter still have to make his/her decision per item, as it would make it really complicated to know which item is next in queue.
  • Added test command.
  • "/rc test #" is a new command for testing. If used without a number, or without being in a raid, the addon will make a solo test. If used with a number, a raid test is issued with the entered number of items (max 8.)
  • The test button in the options menu have also been updated, and the Raid Test button will now perform a emulation of a session with 5 items.
  • Added rightclick menu.
  • The Master Looter can now rightclick on a entry in the voting frame for a list of commands ranging from classic award and remove, but also new commands, like reannounce loot, change response and "award for" (customizeable list - see below)
  • Most of these commands won't work with older versions of RCLootCouncil.
  • Added more reasons in the Loot History.
  • The Master Looter can now award items for other reasons than the normal rolls, say disenchanting or banking and whether these should be logged in the history or not. These reasons can be customized.
  • Used in conjunction with the new rightclick menu.
  • Added Auto Awards.
  • The ML is now able to specify a threshhold for which to auto award items to a given raider for any above mentioned reason.
  • Usefull for giving greens to disenchanters.
  • Removed Show/Hide buttons.
  • Felt unnessary as the menu keeps growing and there's chat commands for the same.


  • Changing the loot buttons after the new loot frames was made required a /reloadui before changes took properly effect.
  • Raiders sometimes wouldn't have their buttons updated in sync with the MLs.
  • Clarified the Anonymous Voting description.
  • The list of council members that still have to vote was being dublicated for every loot session.
  • The addon used every message including an item to use for responses when "Accept Raid Chat" was enabled.
  • Players could be added to the voting list multiple times with the whisper/raid chat features. The addon now only takes the most recent response into account.

1.5.1 Release

  • Added reset command.
  • "/rc reset" resets the positions of all the addon's frames - this should bring back the Loot Frame for those missing it.

1.5.0 Release

  • Updated to patch 5.3
  • Added notes.
  • Raiders can now send a note along with their roll for council members to see.
  • Added more functionality to Loot History.
  • Loot History has been updated, now at least displaying everything it has logged.
  • I'll continue to improve the Loot History when I get the time for it.
  • Remade lootframes.
  • Rebuild the Loot Frames from scratch, should eliminate some of their bugs and prepare them for future additions.
  • All date calculations now also includes months (averaged out to be 30 days/month)
  • Code optimization.
  • Loot History is now being sent to non-councilmembers.
  • Changed behavior to loot coins when Auto Looting is active (only with Loot Everything before).
  • The Voting Frame now automatically sorts whenever a reply is recieved (prevents "holes" in the list with Filter Passes on).


  • Trying to award an item in raid test no longer gives an error.
  • Typing a wrong chatcommand would result in an error instead of the help text.
  • Fixed some spelling errors.
  • Chosing not to use the addon for a raid, then regret and enabling it wouldn't cause it to work before the next group update.
  • Extended item name strings on voting page as they were getting cut unnessary.
  • Loot History wasn't being recorded properly for the ML nor sent to raiders.
  • LootFrame wasn't hiding properly causing it to obscure things behind it.

1.4.3 Beta (RC)

  • Code cleanup.
  • Added Better Tier Token support.
  • Now displays the corresponding item to a tier token when looting those. Only added tier 12 to 15 for ZzzZzz.
  • Improved Whispers.
  • Now displays a message to the ML when it succesfully added an item from a whisper, and sends an acknowledge to the player who sent it.
  • Added whisper help command.
  • /rc whisper shows a brief guide to whispers. Updated the guide in the options menu to be more explanative.


  • Should no longer display incorrect currently equipped items when not looting a "real" item.

1.4.2 Beta

Updated to patch 5.2


  • Fixed an error sometimes recieved when the addon tries to get your guild rank.

1.4.1 Beta


  • Fixed a critical bug in the latest version causing councilmembers to receive an error.

1.4.0 Beta

  • Added Send history.
  • The Master Looter now have an option to disable the sending of award data, in case he/she didn't want raiders to be able to see it. (Default: Off).
  • For the purpose of being lightweight, Award Tracking is now off by default to avoid messing with unaware raiders' computing performance.
  • Added Filter Passes.
  • Council Members can now filter out passes in the voting frame by clicking the "Filter Passes" button on the voting screen.
  • Added Pass Button Option.
  • If the Master Looter changes the original pass button he must specify it anew in order for "Filter Passes" to work. The option is added below the other buttons options.
  • Added Detailed voters information (for the Master Looter).
  • The string displaying how many still needs to roll have been expanded to include how many still need to vote.
  • The mouseover tooltip now contains colorcoded names of the councilmen that have voted or not, unless anonymous voting is on.
  • Added extended whispers.
  • It's now possible for players without the addon to customize their whispers with a keyword after their item(s) - see the options menu for the entire, editable list of keywords. Whispers' fallback as the first button if no keyword is provided.
  • All Whisper Options are stored along with the Buttons and Response Options (in the Buttons, Responses and Whispers Tab).
  • Raiders can whisper 'rchelp' to the Master Looter to get the list of available keyword, although standards like "need/greed/ms/os/pass" and button numbers are on for default.
  • Added Raid Chat lookup.
  • Raiders can now also link their items in Raid Chat, with all the functionality from the whisper edition, and thus get added to the consideration list. Default is off.
  • The vote frame now automatically get sorted for responses whenever everyone in the raid have voted. A message is displayed to inform the council if everyone have passed and "Filter Passes" is turned on.
  • Only nessesary options are now sent from the Master Looter to everyone to reduce bandwidth usage.
  • Added more explanation text in the options menu.


  • Added the somewhat rare bugfixes posted by Moozhe, thanks.
  • Fixed a few bugs related to taint.
  • Fixed a bug that would show a wrong message to council members if they'd close the loot window during a session.

1.3.5 Beta

  • Added: Option to announce items under consideration.
  • Moved all announcement options to a seperate tab to avoid clustering.
  • Changed the "More Info" tooltip to be displayed when hovering over a name on the loot frame, and removed the old button.


  • Councilmembers weren't getting the Vote Frame.

1.3.4 Beta


  • Fixed reported bugs, although I haven't been able to test it in a raid setup.
  • More code cleanup.

1.3.3 (patch 5.1)

  • Updated for patch 5.1
  • Added Loot History Frame.
  • A simple frame to show all loots awarded. Will be extended once the addons primary bugs have been fixed.


  • Fixed several critical bugs, but more are ought to be there.
  • Improved stability and cleaned up some code.

1.3.2 Beta (RC)

  • Added option to autoloot BoE.
  • You can now choose if the autolooter should loot BoE (Bind on Equip) items or not.
  • Alt click looting now works with XLoot 1.0 and ElvUI.
  • Fixed serveral things causing errors.

1.3.1 Beta (RC)

  • Just a little more testing and it's ready for release.
  • Apperently Blizzard made some taint (mostly affecting GlyphUI) they won't be fixing until 5.0.5, so here's a local fix.
  • Closing the voting frame and trying to bring it back up as a councilmen wouldn't get it loaded properly.

1.3.0 Beta (RC)

  • Added ability to toggle autolooting.
  • You can now toggle wether you want RCLootCouncil to automatically start looting or not.
  • Added ability to loot everything.
  • RCLootCouncil is now able to loot everything by itself - this can be turned off in the options menu.
  • Added "Alt click looting".
  • You can hold down ALT and (left)click an item in the loot frame to start a RCLootCouncil loot session - or several to start more at once.
  • This ability can be toggled on/off in the options menu.
  • XLoot is supported - let me know if there's other addons out there interfeering with the loot frame.
  • Added show voters for the Master Looter only.
  • The Master Looter can now choose to see the councilmens votes without anyone else being able to.
  • Added ability to customize the announcement text.
  • Added a second announcement channel.
  • You can now customize the announcement text and channels through the options menu.
  • Added support for non-installed addons.
  • If you want someone who haven't the addon installed to show up on the consideration list, tell them to /w their current item(s) the masterlooter, and they will be added as if they pressed the first button on the lootframe. Everything but their average itemlevel will show up. This can also be turned off in the options menu.
  • Added loot award history.
  • RCLootCouncil is now able to track and store all loot awards. Whenever a player is selected in the voting frame, a little "More Info" field appears, and mousing over it shows the last time the player was awarded with an item on a MainSpec response along with some more info.
  • This ability is toggleable - toggling it on will record ALL awards along with their respective data. For now it will be showed as explained above, but later on a more complete loot history explorer will be added.
  • Added its own options tab - will be extended with more later on.
  • Added Multiple Lootable Items.
  • All the loot dropped is now "roll-able" at once, i.e. faster looting as raiders can give their "roll" right away, and councilmembers should only have to wait for answers for the first item.
  • Added ability to toggle more "roll" buttons.
  • You can now get more "roll" buttons - up to 8 (can be changed if needed). The old "Text and Color options" have been updated with the new editions.
  • Added Advanced Options section.
  • I've added an advanced section in order to keep the addon "idiot proof". Only a few relevant settings are available unless you check the "Toggle Advanced options".
  • Many functions have been moved to keep the menu clean for the average user, and you don't want to change most settings anyway.
  • It was possible to interfere with an ungoing voting session as a non councilmember.
  • The addon will automatically stop any looting if the Master Looter somehow closes the loot frame, as trying to loot anything witout the frame open will cause an error.
  • General optimization.
  • This version is NOT backwards compatible!

1.2.1 Beta

  • Apperently Blizzard changed some more API that noone had datamined.
  • Should work properly now with 5.0.4.

1.2.0 Beta (patch 5.0.4)

  • Updated for patch 5.0.4
  • I've not had the possibilty of testing it, but as it's only updated with the API changes along with some fixes I know is working, it shouldn't be a problem.
  • Fixed the version frame bug.
  • Removed the non-working checkboxes in the options menu (They will come back in the next update along with their functionality.

1.1.0 Beta

  • Added tooltips on votes and people still to roll - used to show which council members have voted on who and who still needs to roll.
  • The Master Looter can turn this feature off by ticking "Anonymous voting" in the options menu.
  • Added version check frame.
  • With the new frame it's possible to do better version checks, but most importantly see who has the addon installed in your group/guild.
  • The version checker is accessable through menu or by using /rc version.
  • Added Profiles
  • Now it's possible to have different options on different characters, just incase you have characters in two different guilds on the same server.
  • Removed the spam of the confirm usage window for raiders.
  • A few stability errors.
  • Raid and Solo tests should work properly now.
  • Guild rank and the entire guild rank thingie in the options menu didn't get properly registered until after a /reloadui.

This version should be REALLY stable - I didn't get any errors, but haven't had a full scale test yet.

1.0.2 beta

  • Added: Ability to test the addon with your raid group.
  • NOTE: This will link your first available inventory item, starting with with headpiece and continues till it find something to act as a looted item.
  • Added: Ability to toggle self- and multi vote options.
  • Fixed the Solo Test button.
  • Changed the "Test RCLootCouncil" button to "Solo Test".
  • Guild members under ranks in the Add to Council tab is now sorted alphabetically.

1.0.1 beta

Fixed some more bugs found during raid tests and fixed the issues with the last iteration.

1.0.0 beta

  • Added: Ability to unvote.
  • Added: Ability to test the addon without being in a raid.
  • Added: Ability to turn addon on/off after choosing to use it.
  • Added: Options.
  • Option to change the loot frame buttons text and their corresponding response text and color. Raiders will see their frames set to the masterlooter's chosen options regardless of their own configuration.
  • Option to toggle reward announcing on/off.
  • Reset to default button.
  • Visualization of council and adding councilmembers.
  • Removed: The whole temporary council thing - it just didn't make sense anymore.
  • Removed: The "save" command - not used anymore.
  • If the master looter removed an entry it would cause everyone to deselect their current selection.
  • The councilmen's mainframe wouldn't reflect the master looter's decision to award an item.
  • Mouseover on lootframe now follows the length of the itemname in order to make moving easier.
  • Forgot to embed all libaries, so the addon would freeze at different stages if you didn't have another addon containing them.

Please make sure your entire raid updates to this version, since it's not backwards compatible.

0.9.3 beta

  • Councilmen didn't get their rights properly.
  • /rc and /rc help caused an error.
  • Addon prevented showing of the loot frame if the master looter disconnected during a loot session.
  • Clicking abort looting and then regret (clicking no) would mess up the autoloot list.
  • Looting an item where 2 of the player's items would be linked (rings, trinkets etc.) and next time only 1 item would cause the previous second item to be showed on the entry list.
  • Some code clean up.
  • Changed "delete" command to "remove" - it made more sense.

This version should be pretty stable, I didn't get any errors during raid test, but if you get any, please open a ticket or post a comment, preferably with the .lua error code.

0.9.2 beta

  • Version check spam - now only displays an "need to update message" once.
  • Added: Now showing how many people that still have to roll
  • Added: Displaying a message when the addon changes loot method
  • Fixed a bug when entering a raid, should now work as desired.

0.9.1 beta

  • Minor bugfixes
  • debugging - forgot to turn some spammy debugging off :)

0.9 beta

  • Added to curse
  • Initial functionalities running
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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
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