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About MessageBoard

== MessageBoard ==
A guild-wide forum, similar to web-based discussion-sites. The difference is that this is a 100% in-game WoW addon. It does not need a web-server, or a server-character that is always logged in, or external software, or anything special.

It is often difficult to get guildies to log in to the web-site to check messages. It's usually only the "hardcore" people that
bother on a regular basis. This addon will help you. It requires no technical skills at all, beyond the ability to use a simple forum. Just install and play.

== Requirements ==
You need to:
- install the addon
- be a member of a guild
- have an administrator create rank permissions and categories
- To set admin, add to guild note for example:

Or multiple admins:


== Usage ==
- To open MessageBoard, press the minimap icon.

== Features ==
- Notification of new posts.
- Search Feature.
- Officer Only Categories.
- Password Encryption of Category Posts.
- Supports announcements, sticky topics, normal topics, voting polls, and locked topics.
- Users can set an avatar.
- Administrators can be assigned by guild note.
- Can ban users.
- Can add users as moderators.
- The text-editor supports inserting item,spell,http links.
- Quoting of posts during replies.
- The database size is regulated by automatic pruning, by means of post-count.
- Color Picker for posts.
- Private Messages.
- View other users stats and posts.

=== Please note ===
It is easy to forget that you are not using a regular forum, but it's all within the limits of the WoW game. This means that when you log in, you must allow MessageBoard 2 to 3 minutes to update data. The time will vary dependent on several factors. But the more posts, the slower it updates. The addons talk to one another, so the more people in the guild that have the addon, the better.

== Administrators ==
An administrator is needed to set MessageBoard options, category names, and permissions. The admin can also edit, delete, move, and lock any post. **An administrator is assigned by adding to guild note for example:


Or multiple admins:


[changed] TOC updated for 6.2

[fixed] Fixed Deleted Posts Returning (everyone must be using version 2.08+, otherwise deleted topics will return, you can check versions by typing /mb ver)
[fixed] Bug in Delete Topic Permissions
[fixed] Bug in Colorpicker
[fixed] Debug Info Spamming

[fixed] Color Picker not saving custom color
[fixed] Long text strings now wrap
[fixed] Rare hash com error
[fixed] Version checker should work properly
[fixed] Reappearing deleted posts returning may be fixed. Let me know.
[changed] Toc updated for 6.1
[changed] Topics with latest posts will now be at the top

[added] Mark all post read button in user options.
[fixed] Fixed a few leaking symbols - Thanks jlam!
[removed] Extra print() left in render.lua.

[fixed] Minimap Icon Position not saving
[fixed] Poll answers showing up as black text
[fixed] Cyrillic text in posts appearing as ???

[added] Option to use guild player note for Administrator check (Must use Officer Note initially). Found in Misc Settings
[changed] Moved Color Picker option to Misc Settings

[updated] TOC updated for 6.0
[changed] Messageboard Administrator check only looks at Officer Note now
[changed] Changed some code to fix the minimap button not showing sometimes
[changed] Increase text size slightly in posts
[fixed] Fixed an issue when attempting to switch to a locked category and then replying to the currently displayed post.
[fixed] Green textures on avatar list - GetSpellorMacroIconInfo() now returns a number index
[fixed] Lua error if # sign was in the topic title
[added] You can now use the color picker to choose colors for your posts (Default off - must be enabled by Admin under Categories setup)
[added] Added WoD Icons for use as avatars

[fixed] Fixed rank 10, oops!
[added] Added Spanish Localization, thanks Siok0!
[added] Added French Localization, thanks Malignex!
[added] Added German Localization, thanks GrimPala & Sinusquell!
[note] This version will not communicate with previous versions due to rank fix.

[fixed] Fixed nil compare error in menu.lua

[added] MessageBoard now has a bigger window.
[added] You can now have up to 9 categories.
[added] New Warlords of Draenor background option.
[fixed] Cross-realm posts should be working correctly on realms with spaces. (ie Kul tiras)
[added] More category icons.
[added] How-to text on first run.
[added] Save/Load Draft on post editor.
[added] Admins can now delete topics from the topic list.
[changed] Changed up the UI a bit.
[changed] Database format has changed. Won't work with previous versions. Save any posts you want to keep before upgrading.
[changed] Syncing posts is much faster than previous versions.

[fixed] Call Ambiguate() on all guild names for servers with spaces, hyphens, etc. Fixes Admin button not showing up.

[fixed] Bad argument #1 to 'strlen' (string expected, got nil) error in Messageboard.lua
[fixed] Attempt to concatenate local 'count' (a nil value) error in ldb.lua
[fixed] Ambiguate() on version check sender.
[changed] No longer need all 6 categories to function. Must have at least one to function.
[possibly fixed] Ambiguate() on CHAT_MSG_ADDON sender for connected realms. Untested. Let me know if it fixes connected realm syncing.

[fixed] Add some cleanup code to get rid of old erroneous entries in the database. Should fix messages that won't open.

[changed[ Changed the way the minimap button works. Yellow means new posts. Dark means none. Hover for a new post count.
[added] Added LibDataBroker functionality. Shows count of new posts and icon.
[added] Option to turn off minimap icon in options window.
[added] Button to check guild member versions in options window. (Admins Only)
[fixed] Version checker showing <name-realm> in addition to <name>
[notes] MessageBoard versions will only communicate with like versions.

[fixed] Quick fix for GetGuildRosterInfo returning player name and realm name.

[fixed] Avatar selection scrolling.
[changed] Increased size of avatar selection window.

[fixed] Localization Error - thanks Dridzt

[updated] TOC Bump

[updated] TOC Bump
[updated] Russian Localization

[changed] Changed Fonts\FRIZQT.TTF to STANDARD_TEXT_FONT to fix locales.

[changed] Replaced StaticPopupDialog with LibDialog to further reduce taint.

[fixed] A few more tweaks to try to prevent the raid frame taint.
[added] Partial Russian Translation. Translations are maintained at

[changed] Names of categories will wrap at more than 12 characters to accommodate the new post notification
[changed] Changed uidropdowns to libdropdown and PopupDialogBox indexes to prevent taint (thanks to Dridzt for the code!)
[fixed] A Few typos (thanks Dridzt)
[fixed] Deleted posts still showing as unread should be fixed
[fixed] bad argument #2 to 'match' should be fixed.
[added] Localization via AceLocale. Translations are maintained at Please report any missing localization strings. Thanks.

[changed] TOC Update
[fixed] Minimap Button Issue

[fixed] Auto cleanup system added to repair corrupted databases
[fixed] Quote on reply disabled option causing issue with editing posts
[fixed] Editing text in a Voting/Poll causing post to revert to a normal post

[fixed] Fixed bug causing some users to report blank topics
[added] Forgot to include AceConsole
[added] Visual Indication of unread topics on category buttons (display may change in future versions)
[removed] MessageBoard 1.10 and lower database conversion code

[fixed] Deleted topics/posts not syncing
[fixed] Database sync hanging (hopefully)
[fixed] 'Table index is nil' error
[changed] Version checker UI. (/mb ver). Will not check for previous versions, only 1.15 and forward. Previous versions will show as not having the addon.
[changed] This version of MessageBoard will not communicate with any previous versions due to prior bugs.
[future] Database Conversion code from versions prior to 1.11 will be removed, so please update if you haven't.

[fixed] Bug with topic titles containing quotes
[fixed] Bad argument #1 to pairs error

[fixed] Green Bars on Topic names
[fixed] Bug with topic titles containing ">" or "<"
[changed] TOC Update
[changed] Tweak startup code for Admins converting old databases

[fixed] Bug in converting old database
[changed] Version display code (mb /ver)

[changed] Database Structure - faster.
[changed] Post editor scrolls down automatically when reaching bottom.
[changed] Buttons at the bottom of posts are now centered.
[changed] Moved Options to separate window.
[changed] Minimap Icon now displays number of unread topics.
[changed] Guild Tabard Icon in top left instead of mug.
[fixed] Many bugs.
[fixed] Button glitch on long posts.
[fixed] Correct color after http, item, spell links.
[new] Background Options.
[new] More avatar icons.
[new] Voting Polls.
[new] Admin can change category icons.
[new] Guild Tabard Icon on Post Editor
[removed] Toast notification placement option. Use "Toaster" Addon to customize toast window.
[future] Cross-Guild support coming soon.

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